My niece entered a play-writing competition a couple of weeks ago. She had to take two completely different fairy tale characters and combine them into one new, silly fairy tale. The winner of the competition would have their play performed on stage at the Emerald City Theatre in Chicago. She didn’t win, but her play will be included in a big book of fairy tales kept in the lobby of the theatre.

I know I’m biased, but I think she wrote a great play – especially since she is only 6 years old:

King Midas and the Magic Underwear
By: Reese Vargo

King Midas had a serious, serious problem. Everything he touched turned to underwear. He touched his fork at breakfast and it turned to polka dotted underwear. He touched his crown and it turned into pink boxers. And once he touched his pet parrot and she turned into blue long underwear. Kind Midas felt very embarrassed when he turned things into underwear. He had to get out of the castle and decided to go to the market to buy some pears for his parrot.

Once upon a time there was a boy named Jack. He had a serious, serious, SERIOUS problem. He really wanted to eat potato chips, a summer squash and a pumpkin pie! Jack just spent his last dollar on the new Space Man action figure so he decided to trade his cow, Jellybean for some cash. Jack went to town and to make a deal with a store owner. Jack asked, “Got anything to trade for my magic cow, Jellybean?” The store owner replied, “Well, we have fried beans, roasted beans, peanut beans, jelly beans, belly beans, bacon beans, pink polka dot beans, tutu beans and magic beans. Take your pick.” Jack said, “Magic beans!” He got the beans started walking home.

While King Midas was walking to the market, he saw Jack and said, “Wow! What are those beans made of?” Jack said, “These beans are magic and grow a magic beanstalk.” King Midas asked to have a bean and when he touched it, the bean turned into paper underwear! Jack said, “What did you do to my magic bean??!!” King Midas told him to calm down and go home and plant the underwear.

The next morning when Jack woke up, a huge underwear tree grew next to his window. It was covered with underwear and Jack screamed, “Underwear!!!!” His mom called to Jack, “Have you seen the cow? I was going out to milk it but she’s not there.” Jack said, “Um…um, the cow…um… ran…ran…ran away.” Jack tells his mother that there is a huge underwear tree right next to his window to get her mind off the cow. When Jack’s mother hears this, she screams, “Underwear! Underwear! Underwear! Underwear!” Then
She calls King Midas. “What are we supposed to do with all this underwear?” The King replies, “You could sell the underwear. You could wear the underwear. Why don’t you make underwear stew for dinner?” And Jack says, “Yuck!” His mother says interested, “Hmm, I don’t know about that.” They finally agree to make underwear stew. Jack’s mom adds carrots, peanut butter, jelly beans and some squash. Jack and his mother cook and eat the stew. Jack’s mother finally says, “This is soooo good!” The next day they invite King Midas over to touch the rest of the beans so they can make more underwear stew.

The town radio DJ hears about the underwear stew. He starts talking about it all over the town. Soon, Jack and his mom get a call from the National News to be on TV. Then it’s onto Rachael Ray’s show they go with their underwear stew recipe!
You just have to love the imagination and creativity of 6-year olds