…injured yourself so badly that you cannot even react to the pain? No noise comes out of your mouth? No scream? No swearing?

I thought I broke my finger last night. I was putting away some sheets in the linen closet and decided to refold some that were haphazardly shoved onto the top shelf. As I pulled them down, they all start falling onto my head. In an effort to try to stop the avalanche of sheets, I must have jerked my hand around, hitting it against the frame of the closet door. So hard, in fact, that no sound came out of my mouth for about one minute. I just stood there in shock.

Having never broken a bone in my body before (aside from fracturing my nose in a freak accident), I had no idea what to look for regarding symptoms. Pain? Check. Swelling? Check. I ran downstairs and into the kitchen to grab make an icepack, but soon realized that it would take too much time – and I needed some immediate relief. So, I ran the cold water in the sink and stuck my hand under it. It was hurting more and more, but I thought that was from the cold water. I removed my hand and realized that it wasn’t the water, but that my finger was just throbbing. I put it back under the water and left it there for a while.

It was bothering me a lot yesterday, but it didn’t appear to be broken. The swelling went down and my finger looks normal once again.

The best part was that my husband put the rest of the sheets away…