Well, today was my last day of prepping for the golf outing on Monday. Yesterday was completely crappy – my computer was being quite naughty and it left me frazzled since everything I need is on that trusty old laptop.

Things were a lot better today. The computer was back to normal and the majority of the office was out, so that left me some peace and quiet to get things done. I didn’t get everything done, which is what happens every year, but I am sticking to my goal of having everything completed by 12 PM Saturday morning. The rest of the weekend will be mine. This, of course, means that I need to get to work right now. I’m dealing with those awful last minute demons – I don’t want to work anymore, so I sit and think about all the things I would rather do. However, I know that by not working now, I’m only postponing being able to do those things. Crap.

When I get anxious like this, I either want to read or clean. It’s completely weird. I suddenly feel consumed by clutter and little messes in the kitchen. I want to clean the dishes and wipe down the counter tops. Even mopping the floor seems like a nice option.

I don’t know if I’ll have any more time to write here before Monday, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be too tired on Monday to write anything. Just about everything is in place and ready to go for Monday morning – just those last few things I need to do tonight. The forecast seems nice (sunny), but steamy (89 degrees). At least I’m not the one golfing…