I rarely get cravings for specific foods, but when I do, I just can’t get it out of my head. Sure, I often have “a taste” for something, but an actual craving, where my mouth waters thinking about it…rarely.

I am craving chocolate cake. Layered chocolate cake. With chocolate frosting in between those layers.

Of course, this has to happen on the day I decide to give up sweets until our vacation. We’re heading to the beach in a couple of weeks and I am having that “bathing suit panic” – like holy moly, I need to put one of those on pretty soon. I’m not a dieter, but I am aware that I haven’t been eating very well lately. Gone are the days when I would cook healthy dinners. We’ve gone out to eat one too many times (and I ate like crazy on my weekend visit back home). So, just a few little tweaks here and there and I should be OK.

But I really, really want some cake…