I picked up my prescription for Valium at the pharmacy today. I guess it makes me feel a little bit better, but I still have this pit in my stomach when I think about sitting on that plane. I have my list of airplane activities – book, magazines, my digital camera (which is still really new to me – maybe I can finally figure out all the cool things it can do), and the blanket I am crocheting. It’s a short flight, but I need things to keep me busy. Who knows, maybe I’ll fall asleep from the Valium.

The other two things I take with me on a plane are: 1) The rosary my mom bought for me a couple of years ago – I never had a really nice one, and this one is beautiful and 2) A piece of paper with a wonderful quote from Eleanor Roosevelt:

We must do the things we think we cannot do.

I keep that piece of paper tucked in my pocket and I repeat it to myself whenever I need to.