Update #1 – Boo is back home. She is much more alert and stable after last night’s incident. I read the reports from the hospital and she was listed as “comatose” when she arrived. Right now she is laying on a blanket. She ate well this morning and received her insulin. I have to give her some potassium gel in a couple of hours and then make sure she eats at noon. She’ll get her insulin again at 6 PM (along with her dinner), and then it’s more potassium at 11 PM and then more food at midnight. It will be this way for a couple of days – eventually (crossing my fingers), she will receive her insulin 2 times a day with her meals…and then she’ll be free to graze the rest of the day.

Update #2: Here are some pictures from our vacation. Everything with Nellie has definitely overshadowed the trip. I’ll post some additional pictures with more commentary a bit later (I’m actually supposed to be working from home right now):