I have so much on my mind these days. I’m trying to finish a series of three grants for work. Two of them are written, but need to be edited. I’m working on the third one now. I hope to have the draft done by noon tomorrow (my boss will review it on Thursday when she gets back to the office). They’re due by 4 PM on Friday, but hoping that I could get them done early, I took Friday as a vacation day. I really hope I can get them delivered on Thursday.

We’re all worried about Patrick’s mom. She had a test today to determine if the cancer spread to her lymph nodes. She is scheduled for surgery tomorrow morning. All of this brings back bad memories of my aunt and all she endured. I know that this is a different situation and I try not to get caught up in my thoughts.

I also have some other personal issues I am dealing with, and I have been tormenting myself by overthinking. I hate doing that, but I’m just so good at it. I have moments when I’m fine and life seems so normal, and then I fall into this pit of anxiety and panic. I don’t know how to stop.