I haven’t cooked dinner in two weeks. Well, I guess there was that day I made tacos…and the Sunday that I threw chicken, stuffing, and potatoes into the crockpot, but seriously, I haven’t really made dinner in two weeks.

I am home on vacation until January 2nd, and I had such high hopes of cleaning the kitchen (finally!), and making some good dinners. It sounded like such a nice change of pace from all the holiday snacking. However, it wasn’t meant to be tonight. I hardly slept last night due to Duncan coughing, weird dreams, and Patrick pulling the covers off me every time he rolled over in bed. I slept on the couch for about an hour, awoke from a freaky dream, ran upstairs and jumped into bed. When my heart finally stopped pounding, I realized that I was developing a migraine. It was 4 AM and since I can’t take my migraine medication, I was out of luck. I awoke at 7:30 AM with an excruciating migraine – an I-can’t-lift-my-head-from-the-pillow migraine. I took some medicine and stayed on the couch until 12 PM. It was at this time that I realized that there was no chance in hell that I would be making dinner…or cleaning the stupid kitchen.

So tonight’s dinner is Jimmy John’s…and while I feel guilty for another night of restaurant dining, I just don’t really care. I know that I should be feeling better in a few weeks and that little by little I should be able to ramp up my cooking. I even got the Cooking Light cook book with every single recipe from 2007! I am actually able to look at the pictures without gagging, so I’m pretty darn proud of myself.

On the pregnancy front, I’m in my 9th week and I’m feeling…well, I’ve had migraines every day for about a week, I’m still nauseated (although the Phenergan is helping), and I’m bloated. Everything I’ve read said that this is all very normal, and that the migraines and nausea should begin to taper off by week 11.

Sometimes I feel like a giant science experiment. Other times I get excited when I read that the embryo (I don’t think it’s officially a fetus until next week), has four chambers to the heart and has developed elbows. I look forward to the day when it’s head is proportionate to its body, so it no longer looks like a deformed potato. Because I pretty much look the same as I did 10 weeks ago, I don’t feel a huge attachment to “it” yet, but that will come with the first ultrasound and when we hear the heartbeat. Duncan calls it the “baby” while I refer to it as a stowaway, a fugitive, or a freeloader. Of course, I mean this in the best way possible…