Today is our ultrasound, and I was looking forward to it all week. Now, however, I am more focused on the fact that I believe that I might have pneumonia. I developed a cough yesterday morning. I also had some head congestion, so I believed it was just a cold. However, the coughing got so bad so fast that I began to worry. Usually my bronchitis takes a couple of days to develop, but this was less than 24 hours. It is very deep in my chest – kind of like the cough (which is now more of a bark) sounds and feels like it is coming from my toes. My asthma is acting up and despite the use of my inhaler, I cannot get a good deep breath. The pain and tightness in the middle of my back has me concerned as well.

I know I won’t be able to get into my doctor for a while, so I am waiting for the “quick-med” place to open at 7 AM. I hope everything is OK.

I will not miss that ultrasound…