A quick visit from my parents yesterday/this morning should have done nothing but made me happy. So why do I feel so down today? They’re still in town while I’m at work this morning. We will be going to lunch around 12 PM and then they are heading home. They got into town yesterday afternoon and I took a last-minute half day of vacation so we could spend more time together. We went to lunch and drove around Davenport looking for a dresser for the nursery (which is still the spare bedroom and filled with clothes that need to be taken to Goodwill).

I guess I realized how much I miss them…especially during this time in my life. I miss being able to just meet up for lunch without having to make “plans” weeks in advance. I miss running around town with my mom – hitting Target, Costco, Old Navy, etc. Most of the time we didn’t buy anything, but just being together was so much fun.

So here I am, about to start my 6th month of pregnancy and I don’t have anyone to run around town with. Yes, there is Patrick, but seriously, is he going to want to spend his free time watching me try on maternity clothes and giggling at how baggy my pants are in the ass because while my belly is growing, my butt has stayed the same? Probably not. I know he would go if I asked him, but it’s never as much fun as going with your mom or sister or friends. So I go by myself to Old Navy and Target. I watch all the other pregnant women with their moms or sisters, and it makes me sad.

Maybe I’m just being emotional (I’ve been crying at stupid things lately). I wish I had more friends out here. I miss my friends from back home. I know that I’ve lived here for five years already, but I haven’t been very successful at meeting new people. I work with some great people, but most of these women have adult children, which makes it difficult. We don’t really have any “couple friends” either. I’m shy and while I can talk up a storm with people, I still find it difficult to initiate plans. I always assume they have other friends they’d rather hang out with. This is turning into a pathetic post.

The bottom line is that I miss my family. I wish we lived closer so we could see each other more often. I miss having good friends that live near me. I wish I didn’t have to do some of the fun pregnancy stuff alone.

So pathetic, but so true.