I think the Bambino has started to drop. Over the past couple of days I can feel some things changing in how I sit, sleep, etc. I used to be incredibly uncomfortable while sitting at work or at home. I’d get these awful aches in my ribs and I would try to lean back as far as I could to alleviate them – not an easy thing to do when you sit all day at work. Now when I sit, it feels like he is resting on my lap a bit more. Relief! Also, when I bend down or reach over to pick up something, I don’t gasp for breath. I feel like I can take a deep breath again and I don’t feel full after a few bites of food. I was beginning to wonder where my appetite had gone…I think it has returned now that he’s sitting a bit lower these days.

Of course, this means absolutely nothing. Well, not nothing. Obviously, he’s positioning himself, but I still have about 4 weeks left, so I’m trying not to get too excited.

In other news…I found out on Monday that if I do make it to my due date, the Bambino could be around 9 lbs. Last week, he was estimated at about 6 lbs 8 oz with another 5 weeks to go. No wonder it’s hard to roll out of bed! I also had my first non-stress test up in labor & delivery at the hospital. They are monitoring me closely due to the diabetes. His heart rate was great and he passed with flying colors. I will get these every week until I deliver just to make sure he’s doing OK. If they notice anything wrong, then we move into a whole different set of decisions.

I can’t believe he’ll actually be here in a month. It seems like just yesterday when we found out I was pregnant. It really has gone by so quickly.

As for names, we’ve got some ideas but we’re not sharing. Too many people feel like it’s their job to inform you that they used to live next door to some kid with the same name and he was a real jerk, or that their least favorite relative has that name. We’re avoiding all of that and keeping our names to ourselves. In fact, we haven’t even settled on anything. We’re going in with a few first and middle names and plan on waiting to see what he looks like.