Another post, another trip to the ER. Things with Griffin got really bad on Monday. We received a call from his day care that he had been screaming for a couple of hours. He didn’t have a temp, but his cough was sounding a lot worse. Patrick picked him up and when I got home from work, I just knew that things were going downhill…quickly. After a quick discussion (and a phone call to his doctor), we decided that the best thing would be to take him to the ER.

The poor little guy was put through the ringer – he got an RSV swab (think throat culture but this one is done up the nose), two separate breathing treatments, and a chest x-ray (they had to strap him into some weird contraption so he wouldn’t squirm). They were able to eliminate some of the wheezing and bring the oxygen level in his blood almost back to 100%. It broke my heart to watch him fall asleep from pure exhaustion while the respiratory therapist held the tiny oxygen mask to his face.

No RSV. No Pneumonia. That was definitely good news, but he’s still pretty sick. I stayed home with him yesterday because he was feeling pretty miserable, although he perked up a bit at night.

It has been a long couple of days and we’re all tired. I’m looking forward to the extended holiday and I hope we still are able to make it to Chicago for Thanksgiving dinner with my family. It all depends on how Griffin is doing today.