I got a letter this weekend from our health insurance company telling me that to help save us money, they are implementing a new “step therapy” plan for migraine medications. They are forcing me to take a generic form of Imitrex before they will cover the cost of my other migraine medication. How can they do this?

I was prescribed Imitrex in June 2000 and took it for 6 months. My doctor ended up prescribing me another medication because the Imitrex wasn’t effective for me. Since then, I have been on five different “triptans” (a class of migraine medications). How dare they send me back to square one by taking a medication that didn’t help my migraines! It’s like going back to the Stone Age for me.

And I’m not an idiot. When they say that the new program “is designed to help lower your out-of-pocket costs” what they really mean is the program is designed to help them save money. Because really…what’s more important? What I want to know is where I should send my bill when I end up in the emergency room with an IV full of Nubain because the generic Imitrex didn’t work. Oh that’s right, they won’t cover that either…