I am in the process of detoxing from all of my migraine medications. Everything except Topamax. And in case you’re wondering…this was not my decision. I’m not that stupid.

I called my doctor on Friday because I had a horrible migraine and I didn’t know what else I should do. I’d taken the maximum dose of Relpax and I’d already taken an Excedrin. He had already denied my request for a refill for my painkillers. So I’m forced to leave a message on his answering machine where I probably sounded like a desperate drug addict looking to score. Now that I think about it, I was. But I digress. His nurse called back within a couple of hours and told me that I was most likely suffering from rebound headaches and I needed to increase my Topamax and stop everything else. I can’t even take Excedrin. I seriously started to sweat when she told me this. Since I had Griffin, I’ve been taking Excedrin EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Like, I should have bought stock in that company. I only did that because the migraines were so bad after he was born that I had to devise my own little system for rationing my medication. I knew my insurance would only give me so many Relpax in so many days and I knew my doctor would only give me so many painkillers in so many days and so on. So I supplemented everything with Excedrin.

So I’m currently detoxing and it sucks. Big time. I was supposed to start yesterday, but Patrick and Duncan had baseball tryouts all day and I was supposed to be alone with Griffin. I woke up at 3:30 AM with a horrible migraine. When I woke up again at 7 AM, it was worse. I tried taking a nap at 9 AM and woke up an hour later and couldn’t open my eyes. That’s when I decided to take a Relpax and start over on Sunday. Don’t judge me…you don’t know the pain.

So today is officially day one. It still sucks.