Griffin fussed on the drive home from Chicago last night. Of course, I was the one in the back seat with him. I gave him a bottle. I played peek-a-boo with his blanket. I stuck a pacifier in his mouth. Nothing really seemed to work. Fortunately, being in the back of Patrick’s car is like being a contestant on “Let’s Make a Deal.” I swear, there’s some good junk back there. I found an old-school baby rattle, some masking tape, a neon green highlighter, baby socks, a rubber glove, napkins, a baseball hat, a small plastic Spiderman figurine, two nearly empty travel-size bottles of hand lotion, a baseball, a pair of cleats, a pair of jeans, a Grover stuffed doll, and a blue dress shirt rolled into a ball. Seriously, there was more stuff on the floor…I just couldn’t reach it.

I used most of this to try to entertain Griffin for the drive home. The socks were used as rather boring sock puppets (now that I think about it, I could have used the green marker to draw on some eyes – what was I thinking?). I rubbed some lotion on his arms. I put the baseball hat on my head and then on his head (which only elicited more screaming), and then I put it on his Grover doll. Now that made him smile. Grover in a Cubs hat! After the novelty wore off, I ended up trying to tie the baby sock around Spiderman’s neck like a cape so he could fly around and stuff, but then I was informed that Spiderman doesn’t wear a cape and I was all “Whatever. I’m a girl. I’m just trying to keep this kid from flipping out.” So, I spent the remainder of the drive making Spiderman jump from the back seat into Griffin’s car seat and when he got bored with that, Grover started jumping.

At least I know that if we ever get stranded in Patrick’s car, we might starve, but we’ll be entertained…