The whole family went apple picking last Sunday. We were going to go on Saturday, but Patrick convinced me that Sunday would be better – it would give me one more day to get over the cold I’d been battling. Plus, we checked the weather reports and Sunday was supposed to be as nice as Saturday.

Wrong! I didn’t feel better. In fact, I felt worse. And the weather sucked. It was dreary and drizzling. We forgot Griffin’s sweatshirt (not that he cared), and I was crabby with a capital “C.”

Thanks to Patrick, we had a great time. He was able to see beyond the rainy day (and thanks to Duncan for offering up his new sweatshirt for Griffin to wear). Oh, and Griffin loved his first apple (and now we have to hide the bag of apples because he will just dig into the bag and start biting into as many apples as possible).

Here are some pictures:

Apple picking 011

Apple picking 005

Apple picking 004

Apple picking 009