So I think I mentioned that we were going to dress up as an 80s rock band for Halloween. Between getting our costumes together and someone’s crankiness (I’ll give you one guess), we almost didn’t make it out the door for Halloween. OK, I admit, I was the one ready to throw in the towel, but it all turned out OK. Griffin loved going up to people’s doors even if he wasn’t getting candy.

OK, enough chit chat, here’s a look at our costumes:


I think our band name should be Moore Than You Can Handle...


I didn't have to ask him to make this face.


Don't ask


Patrick's pants were so tight that when I saw him from behind I almost peed my pants


My baby Griffin rockin' his Chuck Taylors

And one more post-Trick-or-Treating picture:


Digging into Duncan's stash of candy