Let me preface this post by saying that I am in a pretty decent mood so far this holiday season. I’m enjoying the Christmas music, our decorated tree, and I’ve even thought about baking some holiday goodies. So this brief rant has nothing to do with me being in a bad mood.

I’ve been noticing a trend lately that really annoys me. Maybe I’m a little late on this one and it’s been going on for a while, but I cannot stand when people say “love, love, love.” As in, “I love, love, love Reese Witherspoon’s style.” Or, “I just love, love, love Christian Siriano” (and I really do love him, hence using him in that example). I’ve noticed this a lot while reading blogs – people tend to write that in their comments. It really gets under my skin. What’s so wrong with saying that you “really love” something or even putting LOVE in all caps? Why the love, love, love? Who started that and why? When is it going to end? Ugh.

I’m seeing it everywhere and I can’t tell you how much I hate, hate, hate it.


My back-up husband will be performing at the Double Door  in Chicago this weekend, and once again, I’m going to miss him. Timing and geography are not our friends.

Ceci – if you’re reading this, he’ll be in Bloomington on November 8th. Lucky girl.

I found this incredibly unique web site that challenges writers to tell a story in six sentences. I’ve heard of flash fiction, but would this be considered micro-flash fiction?

On a whim, I decided to enter my six sentences. After hitting the “enter” button, I wondered what the hell I’d been thinking as I read through some of the most amazing stories. Aarghhh!!! I wanted to take it back. I wanted a do-over. But the very next day I received an e-mail from the editor informing me that my story was accepted!

So, here’s my story…

Please do me a favor. Take time and read through some of the other stories. There are some amazing writers on this site. Quite honestly, I kind of feel like an imposter.

I had a dream last night that I was dating my backup husband. He called me from his tour in Europe to tell me he missed me and would be home in a couple of weeks. This was much better than the past few weeks when I battled insomnia…

{William Elliott Whitmore – aka “The Backup”}


I’ve been battling some wicked migraines over the past week. One of them, on Sunday, left me pretty much incapacitated. I could feel one coming on last night and by this morning, it was bad. Even now, after taking my medication, I still have some pain.

I’m working from home today and while I ate lunch, I watched an episode of The Office. I really needed a good laugh, and nothing can make me laugh like Dwight playing air guitar…

Alternate Title: It’s f’ing hot outside.

Alternate, Alternate Title: Why did I wear black pants to work?

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