• I’m waiting for the painkillers to kick in so my migraine will go away.
  • I’m eating Goldfish crackers because the meds leave a funny taste in my mouth.
  • I’m daydreaming instead of working.
  • I’m grateful for Patrick taking Griffin into day care this morning – my head was hurting too much to deal with the daily battle of getting Griffin dressed and out the door.
  • I’m happy that it’s Friday – looking forward to playing with Griffin this weekend.
  • I’m proud that I’ve been keeping up with my writing goal.
  • I’m determined that I will finish this first draft by Griffin’s birthday (July 22) – only 21,969 more words.
  • I’m disgusted with the Chicago Cubs, yet I feel compelled to watch each game.
  • I hope my boss approves my request for a week of vacation at the end of July so I can play with Griffin and prepare for his 2nd b-day party
  • I’m grateful for our state-issued health insurance for Griffin. It has saved us hundreds of dollars so far…maybe even thousands once Griffin gets his ear surgery. In all honesty, based on our income, we pay NO premium, NO co-pay, and all of his generic meds are free. I can’t say enough how absolutely grateful I am to the state of Iowa.

I’m still writing my novel. I just wanted to  say that – I haven’t mentioned it in a while. With everything going on lately (see the last few posts), it has fallen on my list of priorities, which pretty much sucks when you realize that it’s one of the few things that I have for myself (because as much as I love to cook, when it becomes a have to instead of a want to, all the fun is sucked right out of it).

My problem is that I get the urge to write at the worst possible times – like when I’m rocking Griffin, or while sitting in my 3-hour management meetings, or when it’s 11:30 PM and I have to be up at 5 AM and I know I need to sleep. Ack! It’s frustrating.

I need a new deadline to keep me motivated. I miss NaNo and all the excitement and pressure of trying to write almost 2,000 per day. I thought about trying to trick myself into writing like that again, but I’m way too smart to fall for it. Oh well, I guess I’ll just keep plugging away at it little by little…

– I totally forgot to write a New Year’s post. Honestly, I was on vacation from work and being near a laptop made me think too much of writing grants and all the piles of work that were sitting on my desk just waiting for me. I didn’t feel like posting anything.

– Today marks the 11th anniversary of my aunt and uncle’s house fire. It seems like just yesterday that he died. It’s even harder to believe that she ‘s gone now, too.

– I have a lot that I need to post about – the holidays, my new medication, writing, and the weirdo ear infection I had last week. Seriously, my ear was messed up for over a week…while I was on vacation. It sucked.

Because I haven’t posted anything in a while, I need to ease back into it. So here’s a total cop-out. It’s a video I took just a couple of hours ago. It’s Griffin being, well, being Griffin. There’s really no other way to explain it. Just do me one favor – don’t look at or comment on or even judge me for the condition of our family room. I’m chalking it up to fatigue, total vacation laziness, and the weirdo ear infection. Just watch Griffin and enjoy…

Now that NaNoWriMo is over (and I won!), I’m left with a half-finished first draft of a novel. It’s a story that has been in my head for almost a year and I’m beyond thrilled to have gotten part of it down on paper (er, computer). Anyway, I’ve got too much invested in it to just let it go. Sure, NaNo was fun – and I’m definitely going to do it again next year – but for me the challenge didn’t stop on December 1st. I really want to finish my story. So I’ve decided to give myself the goal of finishing by January 18th. I initially said I’d have it done by the end of December, but with the holidays thrown in there, I know things are going to be tight. I picked the 18th because the very next day will be my 37th birthday. {OK, I just looked at that and freaked out because I’m officially going to be in my late-30s – very weird because I still feel 27}. I thought that the best birthday present I could give myself would be to wake up on my birthday and have a completed first draft.

I’m excited about the new challenge.

I just finished writing the scene that I’ve been thinking about since I first thought up this story idea. It flowed right off my fingers and even though this is only a first draft, I really like how it turned out. Of course, there will be revisions and I will probably go back and think it’s just atrocious, but for now, I’m happy.

I’m also over 30,000 words! Almost 3,000 words today – very proud of myself for that.

I just crossed the halfway mark in NaNo. I checked my total words and am at 25,159. There are 15 more days to go (counting today, and I’m going to count today because I’m not done writing).

The funny thing is that I am not even close to the halfway point in the novel. I just hope that I can reach 50,000 by the end of the month and that I can finish the novel if I’m not done with it by then. I’m worried I’m going to stop writing once NaNo is done. I must finish the novel or this whole thing was a waste.

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